Price Comparison Script

price comparisation script

Price comparison script gives you the clout to create a professional price comparison website in few minutes and without need for programming skills. Price comparison software is a complete, money making PHP script that is 100% ready to make you money. Our Price comparison shopping script allows you to create product comparison websites where similar products are compared by price with the cheapest displayed on top. You can easily choose which products to compare against via the admin area and allow users to submit their own products for price comparison.

Main feature of this script is price comparison table, customizable listing package, user comparison options, Star rating & product searches and ease text & color changes.

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Main Features of Price Comparisation Script

  1. It helps to know the ranking of you product & also the feedback of the customer.

  1. it help to know the product market price.

  1. it will help to find the reputation of the merchant.

  1. More efficient in the product , allow quick product search.

  2. Allow you to find recent search so that time will be saved.

If you would like to know more features about that script then you can downlaod complete feature document above!

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